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Not sure why, but when I first made a multi-coloured wire crochet cuff it reminded me of work by Faberge.

The first cuff was crocheted in tinned copper with freshwater pearls. It was one of the first mesh bracelets I made. It sold at a craft fair (I think – record keeping was a little sketchy then) but the name hung around.

The next “Faberge” was in copper with an even more exotic mix of freshwater pearls. I liked it so much that the cuff was recreated three times.

Then a customer mentioned she would be interested in one in silver wire, so I made one in argentium sterling and LOVED the combination of shiny wire with pearls.

…. and then I went back to tinned copper ….. but tried a string of multi-gemchips. Voila! A new “Faberge” is born.